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A three-week challenge to have spiritual conversations with three friends

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We all have conversations that skim safely across the surface, but rarely do these lead to deeper relationships or opportunities to talk about Jesus. Dive Deeper is your chance to make progress in this area and encourage others to do likewise.

Want to talk about God?

Spiritual conversations talk about God. They are conversations where we listen to what someone else believes about God (or gods or no God), or where we’ve shared something about what we believe about God. 

Anyone can have spiritual conversations. Even you! Jesus has changed your life and you want to share about the difference he’s made. So how do you talk about your faith? How do you turn shallow conversations towards Jesus? How do you turn shallow relationships into deep friendships?

Find out more about spiritual conversations here, or, see and share the conversations by clicking the button below.

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This September, let’s talk about God!
You’ll get tips and guidance on how to do it yourself, and a chance to encourage others too!

So take the plunge… Together let’s Dive Deeper with the people around us!

STEP 1: Discover your gifts

Register to measure your “EvQ” (like IQ, but for evangelism!!)
Deeper conversations don’t just happen. Dive Deeper will help you see your strengths and the conversation opportunities around you.

STEP 2: Set a personal goal

Move beyond good intentions to set real challenges and then get the support you need to reach them.
You’ll receive resources and tips —and even optional group consultation— to grow in skills and knowledge, and develop confidence, community and character.

STEP 3: Encourage others

You’re not alone! Access our (private) campaign Facebook group – a safe space to share real stories, tips and examples with one another.
And after the campaign, we’ll help you continue with a discount code to Sam Chan’s EvQ Everyday Christian program.

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Still Unsure?

See how you talk about God

Take this quiz to find out how the campaign can help you. We are all different, and Dive Deeper helps you in your particular journey. Hear stories from Christians like you, and sample the types of resources that we’ve curated for the campaign. Wouldn’t you like to share about the difference Jesus has made in your life?

Type 1

Are you Hesitant?

Jesus changed your life! And you want to share it... but you hesitate. You might feel unprepared. You might be unsure if you know your Bible well enough to answer your friend's questions. Maybe you just haven't tried before. Our friend Omar was like that too. Take the quiz, access our free resources and find out how Dive Deeper can help you to simply begin. Start small and let us support you through the campaign, you’ll gain the confidence to tell more of your friends about Jesus.

Find out how you talk about God

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Type 2

Are you Busy?

Jesus changed your life! You'd always planned to share that with people... but life got busy. Between the full days and busy evenings, you aren’t sure how to find opportunities to talk about God. Maybe there was a friend who showed interest in the Bible, but when will you find the time to guide them? Maybe you’ve started the conversation, and you intended to follow it up, but life has a way of distracting you. Our friend, ManYui, is busy too. Take the quiz to see how Dive Deeper helps busy people make the space for those conversations you've always been meaning to have.

Find out how you talk about God

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Type 3

Are you Enthusiastic?

Jesus changed your life... and people around you know it! You wear it on your sleeve and love chatting with people about their spiritual beliefs! Perhaps you've overcome some difficulties (and made plenty of mistakes!) to get where you are today. Even when you don’t know the answer to your friend's questions, you’re open to learning it! Grant here is enthusiastic about spiritual conversations. Take the quiz and see how Dive Deeper gave Grant a chance to share his enthusiasm and knowledge. Bring friends on the journey who may be too shy or too busy; you can help others speak to their friends about Jesus.

Find out how you talk about God

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Log your spiritual conversations

Have you had a spiritual conversation with someone new? Share your story and spur one another on!

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