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Dive Deeper

Your one-stop-shop for more spiritual conversations with those around you.

But first

let’s Pray

Spiritual conversations talk about God. They are conversations where we listen to what someone else believes about God (or gods or no God), or where we’ve shared something about what we believe about God. But remember, spiritual conversations are not just about God, they happen with God alongside us!

So take a moment to dedicate this time to God in prayer.

The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few; and so we begin by asking the Lord of the harvest as we prepare to go.

When he [Jesus] saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. -Matthew 9:36-38

There are two ways to use this campaign handbook:

Start Spiritual Conversations

With three simple steps

Follow these steps to make the most of the Dive Deeper campaign.

(When you’re done, consider whether you want personalised support and accountability… or just jump straight in to our resources!)

STEP 1: Measure your EvQ (10min)

(like IQ, but for Evangelism)

This short diagnostic is your starting point. It will help you to consider where you want to grow in: character, confidence, skills, knowledge and community.

Measure your EvQ

STEP 2: Set a personal goal(10min)

Setting a clear goal for yourself can help you move beyond your good intentions and really build skills and confidence. The Dive Deeper campaign is your chance to get group support towards your personal goals.

Set a Goal

STEP 3: Encourage others (10min)

Sharing publicly is awkward, but going alone is hard. So we’ve created a private Facebook community as a safe space to share and learn over the next few weeks. Sharing your story, goals, hopes and fears is not just for you, but will encourage others too!

Join the Group

Tips and Resources

These resources help you have spiritual conversations. If you’ve measured your EvQ (Step 1), you’ll see they are broken down to match the assessment categories: Character, Confidence, Skills, Knowledge, and Community


We have arranged the resources by duration —short to long— to suit how much time you have

Below these resources, you’ll find even further opportunities to engage through small group consultation and support.

Help me improve my

Skills and Knowledge

These resources help you gain knowledge in connecting the Bible with the world around you, and grow your skills to have spiritual conversations, share your testimony, invite someone to read the Bible and ultimately share the good news about Jesus.

Share your Story (5 min read)

If you’re pressed for time, let’s start small. Can you share the story of how you became a believer? If you’re not sure, this article draws on the Bible and the wisdom of Dr Sam Chan to help you figure out how to share the good news through your own story.


ENGAGE a HOSTILE WORLD (36 min listen)

If you want to spend more time building cultural engagement skills, this podcast is a chance to develop cultural understanding. Our culture seems hostile to Christianity but developing cultural understanding can help us winsomely engage and bring peace to a hostile world.


The Word 121 Starter Course (2 hours training)

If you’ve got a few hours, take some time to learn about how to share the Bible with someone. Learn how to Ask and Share with someone who’s ready to meet Jesus in the Bible. Use discount code: “DD2023” for free access to this course during the campaign.


Help me see opportunities to

Connect to Community

Your community is the people who you know, or who you want to get to know. These resources help you grow friendships that you have, get more involved in groups where you can build relationships and build a network of support to help you grow in sharing your faith.

Be a Gracious Conversationalist (5 mins)

If you’ve realised you need to connect more, you might not know where to start. This article gives you simple tips to become aware of how you can get better at showing grace in conversations. These tips will help the people around you feel cared for so that you can build better relationships


Go to their things ( 30 mins)

We’re often told to invite people to church, but a great place to start really connecting with those around you is to go to their things. In this short podcast, Sam Chan explains and illustrates the power of simply going to things our friends invite us to for building deeper connections.


Talking about Jesus Course (4 Sessions)

If you really want to lean into how to be a good friend, build relationships, social capital and bring a group of people with you, “Talking about Jesus: Personal Evangelism that’s not awkward” is a 4 session course designed for groups.  (Use code DD2023 for free access during Dive Deeper)

Enrol your Group

Help me grow in

Character and Confidence

These resources focus on your ability to be patient in circumstances, calm when you aren’t sure of the answer and develop confidence to handle yourself in different situations.

The Workplace Witness of Patience (7 mins)

If you know you need to develop patience, it’s good to remember what a powerful witness it is to those around you. God’s amazing patience to us in Christ compels us to grow in patience. If you’re short on time, this article will give you a calming reminder of how to cultivate patience for better conversations.


Being a calm presence (1-2 hrs)

If you have more time to devote to growing in character, this series of devotions will help you renew your calm, and exude it to those around you. In a world that’s anxious, frustrated and impatient, your calm presence can be a blessing that speaks louder than words.


Having Calm Conversations (4 sessions)

If you want to set aside time to really reflect on your listening skills, develop a calm mind in situations that stress you out and see positive conversations modelled, this 4 session course is an excellent way to grow. Use discount code: “DD2023” for free access to this course during the campaign.


Conversation Starters

If you’re here for quick conversation starters

here are some resources to connect quickly, powerfully, deeply or through watching film

God in 60s ( 1 min)

Find quick, compelling breakdowns on all kinds of topics, from housework, timeless themes of fear, forgiveness and love, to pop culture trends. God in 60s gives you the most inspiration in the shortest amount of time, designed to share with enquirers. Here are some of our favourites.

  1. 1. How does Prayer work?
  2. 2. Life Hacks will not save you
  3. 3. Paralysis by analysis
  4. 4. When your footy team is awful

40 Rockets ( 5 mins)

40 Rockets is a resource for Christians. They’re short, digestible tips for conversations with a challenge to reflect and apply what you read. Try some of these rockets to get you going when you need a challenging reminder to get started.

  1. 1. Move from Mundane to Meaningful
  2. 2. Use News to talk about Jesus
  3. 3.  Three Dimensional Relationships

The Watchlist ( 30 mins)

In partnership with Hope Christian radio, the Watchlist is a fun exploration of new films as they hit the cinemas and explored with a Christian lens. Russ Matthews and Laura Bennet work to find a redemptive and biblical understanding of new film using timeless themes we can all get into.

  1. 1. Last Action Hero
  2. 2. Indiana Jones and Pixar
  3. 3. The Multiverse problem
  4. 4. The Death of the Rom-Com

Deeper Questions ( 60 mins)

If you’re having deep discussions about truth, politics, loneliness, technology or even Christianity, Deeper Questions is a tool for thinking through the whole issue or for sharing directly with your friend. Deeper questions aims to directly address an enquiring audience.

  1. 1. Can atheists have mystical experiences?
  2. 2. Why am I still alone?
  3. 3. What has Christianity ever done for us?
  4. 4.Are you spiritual but not religious?

Help me with

Support and Accountability


You’ve measured your EvQ and set yourself a personal challenge (above). You’ve brushed up on conversation starters.

You’re all ready to go… and wouldn’t mind some support and accountability to help keep you going. Perhaps a one-one-one consultation, or joining a group to support you in your challenge, or something else entirely!

City Bible Forum staff are ready to help you work out what that could look like in your context.

Contact a City Bible Forum Staff Member


We hope the Dive Deeper campaign helps you to be more intentional about sharing the good news of Jesus and the difference that he has made in your life.

Whilst the campaign is just a few weeks long, City Bible Forum has been journeying with people for over 30 years! We have helped thousands of people introduce their friends and colleagues to Jesus. If you, your group or your church want to continue this journey we’d love to have a chat.

Get in touch

We also offer an EvQ program (like IQ, but for Evangelism), which distils 30 years of evangelism skills and wisdom. Led by Sam Chan, EvQ has programs for beginners through to experts. To thank you for joining the Dive Deeper program,  please use the code “DiveDeeperEvQ” on checkout for 25% off on the Everyday Christian program.


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