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Promo Kit

Dive Deeper

Tools to help your group or church have Spiritual Conversations.

Presentation Resources


Video, Slides and Shareable Assets to help your group or church to Dive Deeper this September


Slides and Images 

Use these slides to share the key dates, message and QR code to inspire your congregation or group.

  1. 16:9 Church Promo Slide (pdf)
  2. 16:9 Church Promo Slide (ppt)
  3. 16:9 Church Promo Slide (jpg)
  4. 4:3 Church Promo Image (jpg)
  5. 4:3 Church Promo Image (pdf)
  6. Fb and Insta Socials Posts (jpg)

Participant Brochures

A handy brochure to help you to communicate the key points of the campaign to your group/church and get them sharing their faith in September

  1. A5 Handout (pdf)
  2. A5 Explainer (pdf)

Promotional Video files

A quick way to show what Diving Deeper is about, download or stream our short promotional video with your group, or share it via email or messenger.

  1. 1 Min Promotional Video ( Stream Youtube Link)
  2. 1 Min Promotional Video (Downloadable Mp4 File)