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what is a spiritual


For the purpose of this campaign, a spiritual conversation is one that moves a discussion into the deeper worldview layer with someone we've not had such a conversation with before. Spiritual conversations move us toward Jesus but may not mention Jesus or include the gospel. They are by nature, pre-evangelistic.


*Note: This diagram and all concepts are drawn from “How to Talk About Jesus Without Being That Guy”, by Sam Chan



Descriptive conversations that focus on things like the weather, what we did on the weekend and what we are watching on TV.


Prescriptive conversations that indicate preferences, ethics, values and beauty. We listen carefully here and say things like:

Can you tell me about that?

How did that make you feel?

World View

Conversations that indicate our understanding of the world. Here we make statements about what we believe.

What’s real? What’s wrong with the world?

Is there a God? Do you have a faith?

Do you pray? Is there life after death?